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  • “I Have a Dream.”by Martin Luther King Jr.
  • “Je n'ai pas le temps.”by Évariste Galois
Latest News

Graduate student Mr. Tatsuya MINAMINO will present our research on mono layer of molybdenum disulphide by optical spectroscopy in 29th International Microprocesses and Nanotechnology Conference.

Our article entitled Origin of a Raman scattering peak generated in single-walled carbon nanotubes by X- ray irradiation and subsequent thermal annealinghas been published in AIP Advances.(Toshiya Murakami, Mitsuaki Matsuda, Kenji Kisoda, and Chihiro Itoh, AIP Advances, 6, 085303-1 | 085303-10 (2016)).

My old works on misfit layer compounds have been cited by Prof. Dr. Christian Thomsen (Now, he is the president of Technische Universität Berlin.). I am very proud of being cited. Check references in Raman spectroscopy of intercalated and misfit layer nanotubes, Matthias Staiger, Vladimir Bačić, Roland Gillen, Gal Radovsky, Konstantin Gartsman, Reshef Tenne, Thomas Heine, Janina Maultzsch, and Christian Thomsen, Phys. Rev. B 94, 035430(2016). In addition, my article is cited in Tommy Lorenz, Igor Boburin, Jan-Ole Joswin, and Gotthard Seifert, Charge Transfer Variability in Misfit Layer Compounds: Comparison of SnS-SnS2 and LaS-TaS2, Israel Journal of Chemistry February 2017 DOI: 10.1002/ijch.201600148.

Our research article entitled Spectroscopic characterization of nitrogen- and boron-doped graphene layers has been accepted for publication. The paper will appear in Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, soon. I should like to thank the editor and the referee for their constructive comments.

Declaration of Lifelong Physics Research

I, KISODA Kenji, shall continue to research Physics until the day of my retirement.

Introducing myself
I am KISODA (family name;nom) Kenji(given name;prenom). My research areas are centered on condensed matter physics, nanoscale science and technology using Raman and Infrared spectroscopies. Actually, I study few atomic layers MoS2, single wall carbon nanotubes, double wall carbon nanotubes, graphene, semiconductor nanocrystals, and nitride semiconductors collaboration with Prof. Hiroshi HARIMA and Dr. Noriyuki HASUIKE(Kyoto Institute of Technology) , Prof. Chihiro ITOH and Dr. Toshiya MURAKAMI(Wakayama University), Prof. Satoru TANAKA (Kyushu University), Prof. Akihiro HASHIMOTO (University of Fukui), Prof. Toshiyuki ISSHIKI, and Dr. Kohji NISHIO (Kyoto Institute of Techonology). In particular, with Prof. Itoh, university's special project "Nano carbon technology base" has started (2011-2012).

List of publications is here.