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  • July 9th 2014
    Images are taken at 12:04 PM (JST) above the Arctic. The satellite onboard cameras automatically took pictures at the scheduled time which was set on ahead. Coburg Island, Canada, other islands and ice field are seen in the pictures.
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Welcome to UNIFORM Project

Proyecto UNIFORM en Japon

UNIFORM is developing a wildfire monitoring system with micro satellite constellation. The advantages of using micro satellites over, say, traditional huge satellite are that it is low-cost, quick to adopt the latest technology, short development time, little lower spec but still durable quality, perfect for education. Amongst of all, the most characteristic aspect is that it can achieve high-time resolution inexpensively. Also, a new type of strategy to achieve the system is possible, i.e. several countries can collaborate together and make their own satellites and put them into constellation.

UNIFORM project consists of three segments: 'Flight segment', 'Ground station segment' and 'User segment', each of which we eagerly look for international collaborators.

As for the details, please contact us.

Project Goal

Our goal is the development of wildfire detection system using microsatellite constellation through international collaboration.

For high time-resolution observation with LEO satellite it is necessary to operate multiple satellites.
Enhanced Ground Systems
For effective earth observation system, consisting ground systems must be designed to be integrated over network.
For a system to be practical it is necessary to associate it with sustainable financial architecture. Constraints accompanied with microsatellite must be taken into account.