International Collaboration

International collaboration is an essential factor of the UNIFORM Project.

We are looking for collaborators in the following segments:

  • Flight Segment Collaboration
  • Ground Station Segment Collaboration
  • User Segment Collaboration

Flight Segment Collaboration

This segment is to actually develop UNIFORM type satellites in Japan.

You will gain a great experience and knowledge among various experts through development with us. The satellite will then join the constellation to achieve higher time resolution.

You are welcome to join starting from June 2012 - September 2012 for 6 months.

Participants must have at least one of the following prerequisites:

  • Electrical Engineer with hands-on experience
  • Electrical Engineer with circuit simulation skills
  • Mechanical Engineer with design, analysis, and fabrication experience
  • Any type of Engineer with system design and analysis experience
  • Mechanical Engineer with testing experience
  • Aerospace Engineer with experience of satellite system design and/or design analysis

Ground Station Segment Collaboration

This segment is to collaborate by downlinking the satellite data at your organization with UNIFORM compatible antenna. This will contribute to realize more 'real time' observation.

As you are not necessary come to Japan, there is no 'strict' criteria for joining UNIFORM with ground station segment. We are happy to provide you with the system detail, or even provide technical information.

The ground station with a 12m antenna for UNIFORM type satellites in Wakayama University

User Segment Collaboration

We ultimately want to evaluate the effectiveness of the system, i.e. high-time resolution by micro satellite constellation.

You are welcome to use the UNIFORM satellite data for any purpose. We appreciate you to use our data and give us a feedback!