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Research Topic

Grasp Planning of a Low-DoF Robotic Hand with Parallel Stick Fingers

Alignment of Parts toward the 2nd-order Form Closure Grasp
Analysis of Wobbling of a Part in Pushing Operation
Strategy for Picking a Part in the Corner of a Parts Tray

Strategy for Picking, Reorienting, and Aligning a Shaft-shaped Part
Strategy to Reorient a Part by Releasing in Its Unstable Pose
Difficulty Evaluation of Assembly Tasks Including Deformable Parts

Design & Analysis of the Competition in the World Robot Summit
*Collaborating with Kindai Univ. and others

Grasp Planning for Stable Grasping and High-speed Transporting of Food
*Collaborating with Mitsubishi Electric Corp.
Macro-micro Robotic System with Human Skill for Assembly Tasks
*Collaborating with Kobe Univ.
EEG Driven Robotic System for Efficient Stroke Rehabilitation
*Collaborating with Ritsumeikan Univ.