Debate Games in Logic Programming

Chiaki Sakama

Declarative Programming and Knowledge Management, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 8439, Springer-Verlag, pages 185-201, 2013.


A debate game provides an abstract model of debates between two players based on the formal argumentation framework. This paper presents a method of realizing debate games in logic programming. Two players have their knowledge bases represented by extended logic programs and build claims using arguments associated with those programs. A player revises its knowledge base with arguments posed by the opponent player, and tries to refute claims by the opponent. During a debate game, a player may claim false or incorrect arguments as a tactic to win the game. The result of this paper provides a new formulation of debate games in a non-abstract argumentation framework associated with logic programming. Moreover, it provides a novel application of logic programming to modelling social debates which involve argumentative reasoning, belief revision and dishonest reasoning.

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