Representing Argumentation Frameworks in Answer Set Programming

Chiaki Sakama and Tjitze Rienstra

1st International Workshop on Argumentation and Logic Programming (ArgLP 2015), Cork, Ireland, August 2015.


This paper studies representation of argumentation frameworks (AFs) in answer set programming (ASP). Four different transformations from AFs to logic programs are provided under the complete semantics, stable semantics, grounded semantics and preferred semantics. The proposed transformations encode labelling-based argumentation semantics at the object level, and different semantics of AFs are uniformly characterized by stable models of transformed programs. We show how transformed programs can be used for solving AF problems such as query-answering, enforcement of arguments, and agreement of different AFs. The results exploit new connection between AF and logic programming, and enables one to realize AF on top of existing answer set solvers.

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