Interactive Cloth Rendering of Microcylinder Appearance Model under Environment Lighting

Kei Iwasaki Kazutaka Mizutani Yoshinori Dobashi Tomoyuki Nishita
Wakayama University Wakayama University Hokkaido University Hiroshima Shudo University

This paper proposes an interactive rendering method of cloth fabrics under environment lighting. The outgoing radiance from cloth fabrics in the microcylinder model is calculated by integrating the product of the distant environment lighting, the visibility function, the weighting function that includes shadowing/masking effects of threads, and the light scattering function of threads. The radiance calculation at each shading point of the cloth fabrics is simplified to a linear combination of triple product integrals of two circular Gaussians and the visibility function, multiplied by precomputed spherical Gaussian convolutions of the weighting function. We propose an efficient calculation method of the triple product of two circular Gaussians and the visibility function by using the gradient of signed distance function to the visibility boundary where the binary visibility changes in the angular domain of the hemisphere. Our GPU implementation enables interactive rendering of static cloth fabrics with dynamic viewpoints and lighting. In addition, interactive editing of parameters for the scattering function (e.g. thread’s albedo) that controls the visual appearances of cloth fabrics can be achieved.
Paper (PDF : 1.4MB)

Real-time Captured Movie (mp4 : 6.8MB)