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60cm Telescope of Wakayama University, Faculty of Education

We have an astronomical observatory on the roof of the main building of Faculty of Education, Wakayama University. Inside the dome, we have 60cm reflector with Cassegrain focus (focal ratio F=13). We also have 15cm refractor as a sub-scope (focal ratio F=12). With a CCD camera ST-7E and ST-9E (manufactured by SBIG), we are taking many images.

Report of Activity 2005 [in Japanese], PDF 6 pages

Report of Activity 2008 [in Japanese], Jpeg image

Image Gallery Poster 2002, PowerPoint file, A1 size, 0.6 MB

Star Watching Party [in Japanese]

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Photos taken by 2003

Solar system / Star clusters / Galactic nebulae / Galaxies

Photos taken after 2012 with computer-control telescope

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