White Dwarf Life

This is how it started...

I am not sure but it was when I was ealy thirties. Some astronomers were discussing about necessity of inter-university backyard telescope for seeds research and student education, and we had a small discussion at Kyoto University where I had graduated from. An experienced astronomer and I as a young astronomer, both of us had graduated from Kyoto University, met the dean of Faculty of Science. The senior introduced me to the dean, "He still shines due to remaining heat, but I..."

Am I a white dwarf?!

If an astronomer got job at local university, especially at faculty of educaion, as long as he or she does not join the big and main stream project, would the person be a small, dense, dead core with some remaining heat which was a once mighty main sequence star??

A white dwarf can shine by other than the remining heat. With infalling gas, it triggers nova flash. Though it would be transient, it shines so brightly. I decided to be nova by "gas infalling"; meet various people, exchange various ideas, do various projects with many friends. I also have a great dream that near the end of my life, I will be a type I supernova with so much gas that would overshine all the stars in a galaxy!

I would like to call all friends, including whom I have not yet meet with, who think themselves as white dwarf. We can be novae by gas infalling! We can change the chemical composition of ambient space! It is OK that nova would not occur soon. We can not know when the gas infalls and where the gas comes from. Nova flashes when the gas comes. By the way, white dwarf is one of the baryonic dark matter components. If we, many of white dwarfers unite, we can be the dark matter halo. This would be excellent...

All the white dwarfers, unite!

Friends who triggers the nova

I will introduce my friends who triggers the nova; what kind of gas, what kind of flash, I will show here after summarizing the event. I would be greatly appreciate it if you would kindly send me your nova events; please feel free to email me.

Last updated on 24 March 2013