Introduction of Participants - The 1st CLTP, 2011

Mansur Çelebi (Turkey)

Mansur Çelebi (Turkey)

  • Present Status: Turkish Air Force Academy
  • Present Position: Instructor and Aerospace Engineering Department
  • Field of Specialization: Aircraft Structural Integrity, Structural Health Monitoring of Aircraft
  • Present Research Interests: Structural Health Monitoring of UAV's
  • Comment: After CLTP I decided to work on design and health monitoring of small satellites.
Statement of Purpose

To learn how to design build and launch a small sattellite and necessary information about constructing a satellite laboratory. To improve our teaching method in aerospace engineering education. To manage national or regional satellite projects. To get information about Japanese system engineering methodology.

With our indigenous design we want to participate in international cansat design and build competitions.

Feedback on the CLTP Program

The program gave me the idea of designing a sattellite is not a difficult but at the same time a very detail process. Every step has to be planned in detail very carefully.

A CanSat design, build and test activity is a perfect training method for space education.

Being in Japan was a wonderful experience. We had opportunity to have lectures from different university professors and JAXA.

Vision for the Future

We have already started to set up our CanSat teams in order to be able to participate in CanSat competitions. For our teams we have started to give lectures beginning from Mbed programming. For the next semester we are planning to teach "Introduction to Sattellite Design" as a lecture in our department. For our science festival where our students exhibit their scientific and engineering design projects we our cadets already started to design a CanSat. Cansat project will for sure be a regular competing project of this event. After that with our own design we want to participate in international cansat design and build competitions and furthermore we are planning to held a cansat competition in Turkey.

In Turkey we are in close contact with Aerospace Engineering departments of other universities and in corporation with them we will participate in small sattellite projects.

As Turkish Air Force Academy we have close relationships with regional and some other countries and educate students from those countries. After the training program we will widespread the training education to those country citizen students too.