Introduction of Participants - The 1st CLTP, 2011

Fredy Arturo Calle Bustinza (Peru)

Fredy Arturo Calle Bustinza (Peru)

  • Present Status: National University of Engineering (Universidad Nacional de IngenierĂ­a)
  • Present Position: Researcher of the Chasqui NanoSatellite Project, Head's Senior Assistant of the Satellite Program of my university
  • Field of Specialization: Systems Engineering
  • Present Research Interests: Know Development methodologies of the Satellite Projects, Development of technical procedures in the building of satellites, Dissemination of activities related to aerospace development, Celestial Mechanics
  • Comment: I want to gain experience in aerospace development. Then I strongly desire to disseminate knowledge of space development in Peru. I want to have studies in master's degree and PhD in Aerospace Engineering focused on developing satellites, as well as oriented to the study of celestial mechanics.
Statement of Purpose

My passion for space activities. Understanding the teaching methodology in the development of a satellite project. Share this experience with lecturers and students here in my country.

Feedback on the CLTP Program

I think it's an excellent training program to understand the basic principles of developing a satellite for high school students and college students through the development of two levels CanSat in each stage respectively.

I think the Cansat Leader training program needed an additional week for us.

Vision for the Future

CanSat is an excellent teaching tool for students, For CanSat in High School, the students will learn the basic principles of engineering through of these experiences. Thus students will have a clear understanding of engineering and its application for the benefit of society. Likewise CanSat can be considered as a community, because students can to contact other students also developed projects CanSat in other countries. For example: when students participate in international events like ARLISS.

On the other hand enhances the intercultural aspect, because we live in a globalized world, this will be a key factor in personal and professional development of students. Through activities on CanSat students recognize within themselves their ANIMAL SPIRIT. A novel concept of Professor Akiyama.

I will explain the advantages of CanSat activities in national and international conferences here in Peru. Other universities will be invited to participate in CanSat.

I'm thinking participate on International CanSat competitions, and for this I am going to prepare teams to participate in future events ARLISS.

This is important:

All these activities are part of a plan that I am documenting, and implement here in Peru It will be a gradual process within an estimated time. (Planning of CanSat Projects in Peru)

Finally I must say, I belong to the most incredible working group. "CHASQUI TEAM" and with the support of them, We will be capable of achieving these projects and the activities involved.