Introduction of Participants - The 1st CLTP, 2011

Mustafa Emre Aydemir (Turkey)

Mustafa Emre Aydemir (Turkey)

  • Present Status: Turkish Air Force Academy
  • Present Position: Head of Communications Branch
  • Field of Specialization: Microcontrollers, EMI, EMC
  • Present Research Interests: Robotics, UAV's
Statement of Purpose

I thought that this was a good opportunity to start applied satellite education.

Feedback on the CLTP Program

The program was very beneficial. We have learned a lot. Especially hands-on training was very effective. The staff was both informative and friendly. We are deeply impressed.

Vision for the Future

I beleive that CanSat based education is the way to go for space engineering. It is both informative and cheap. Universities which have aerospace engineering departments should seriously consider CanSat training.

We have already started training two teams of students. We are planning to attend the ARLISS 2011 competition.