Introduction of Participants - The 1st CLTP, 2011

Phan Mạnh Dần (Vietnam)

Phan Mạnh Dần (Vietnam)

  • Present Status: Space Technology Institute
  • Present Position: Researcher
  • Field of Specialization: Aerospace dynamics, Multibody system dynamics, Numerical Analysis, Design Optimization, Nondestructive evaluation
  • Present Research Interests: Aerospace dynamics, Small Satellite Design, System Design
Statement of Purpose

Despite having involved in several research and software projects, I am a new comer in space technology. Therefore, when I was informed by Prof. Shinichi Nakasuka about this program, I told myself "This is it. It is exactly what I need." The program would give me an excellent chance to experience a full cycle, from design, manufacturing, testing to launching of a satellite, although very small one. It will, therefore benefit me in two distinctive ways. First, as I am taking part in small satellite projects in Vietnam's STI, the practice will have me a great deal in comprehension of technologies and implementation of technical management. Secondly, as a lecturer, the experience will assist me to inspire and encourage young students in space technology, which is still in its infancy in Vietnam. These would-be engineers would play a very important role in development and operation of Vietnam Space Center, which is in planning stage.

Feedback on the CLTP Program

This program has provided me with a wonderful experience in which I have learned a whole lot of new things from microcontroller, system engineering, small satellite building to launching with a rocket. The opportunity to discuss with Japanese professors and experts, as well as our fellow participants is invaluable. Also, the philosophy behind CanSat education has been rooted in our mind, so hopefully we can transfer the knowledge and inspire our students and young engineers back home so in the future they will be the "main players" of our nation's space vision.

Vision for the Future

After finishing the program, I plan to work with my colleagues to translate the program's documentation into Vietnamese. Other guide books and tutorials will also be developed for students in Hanoi University of Science and Technology. At the moment, the students have zero chance to "build and launch a thing" to fully comprehend what they have learnt. We plan to conduct a CanSat contest for the university in 2012.

The localized documentation will also be distributed to students in other institutions, including high schools, throughout the country. Within two to three years, a nationwide contest will be held, similar to RoboCon contest, where hundreds of teams build robots to compete every year.