Basic editing and navigation:

Backspace deletes char to the left; DEL deletes char to the right. Control-backspace deletes word left, Control-DEL deletes word right. Arrow keys and Page Up/Down move around.

Control-left/right Arrow moves by words in a strange but useful way. Home/End go to begin/end of line.

Control-Home/End go to begin/end of file.

Some useful Emacs bindings are inherited from Tcl/Tk:

Standard Windows bindings may work on that platform. Keybindings are selected in the Settings Dialog, look there.

Python Shell window:

Control-c interrupts executing command.

Control-d sends end-of-file; closes window if typed at >>> prompt (this is Control-z on Windows).

Command history:

Alt-p retrieves previous command matching what you have typed.

Alt-n retrieves next. (These are Control-p, Control-n on the Mac) Return while cursor is on a previous command retrieves that command. Expand word is also useful to reduce typing.