Two-stage Resampling for Bidirectional Path Tracing with Multiple Light Sub-paths

Kosuke Nabata Kei Iwasaki Yoshinori Dobashi
Wakayama University Wakayama University Hokkaido University
Prometech CG Research Prometech CG Research

Recent advances in bidirectional path tracing (BPT) reveal that the use of multiple light sub-paths and the resampling of a small number of these can improve the efficiency of BPT. By increasing the number of pre-sampled light sub-paths, the possibility of generating light paths that provide large contributions can be better explored and this can alleviate the correlation of light paths due to the reuse of pre-sampled light sub-paths by all eye sub-paths. The increased number of pre-sampled light sub- paths, however, also incurs a high computational cost. In this paper, we propose a two-stage resampling method for BPT to efficiently handle a large number of pre-sampled light sub-paths. We also derive a weighting function that can treat the changes in path probability due to the two-stage resampling. Our method can handle a two orders of magnitude larger number of pre- sampled light sub-paths than previous methods in equal-time rendering, resulting in stable and better noise reduction than state-of-the-art methods.
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